Global Resorts Network Offers Great Discounts For Discriminating Travelers | Travel vacation

Global Resorts Network takes the hassle out of traveling around the world. With incredible discounts on high end four and five star resorts, GRN offers travelers vacations that were once unaffordable for many.Bored with your timeshare or the hassles that come along with trading weeks and locations…No problem..Global gives you the flexibility that makes vacationing hassle free. And, with so many locations to choose from, your options are plentiful.GRN has an incredible vacation membership program that can literally be used for a lifetime. The one time membership fee covers your costs and, given the savings you will receive for many years, the price is a drop in the bucket.Global’s website is wonderfully organized, with easy to understand tabs that lead you to cruises, hotels, flights, as well as specials for the week. Imagine staying at a 4 or 5 star resort for one week, and the total cost of the room for that week is only $298! How about a top notch hotel in Hawaii for $699 for the week!The amazing thing about this company is that it continues to offer weekly specials at places that are very enticing for those who enjoy travel. Imagine having a lifetime membership to an organization that for over twenty years has been satisfying their clients over and over again.The company is proud to also offer large commissions when you refer people to them. Here is the exceptional little twist that has people buzzing…. Imagine referring a friend to GRN. Now imagine that every time your friend refers someone to GRN you get another commission! What’s not to like?Make sure you don’t miss this. Follow the link below this article.

10 Money-Saving Travel and Vacation Tips | travelling and hotels

Vacation is becoming more and more expensive. Here are ten common sense tips to help you save money on your next vacation.1.Rent a car. What sounds expensive can actually often save you money. Consider renting a car instead of using the airport shuttle. Many times the cost of the shuttle is more than that of a modest car rental – and you have the flexibility of having available transportation. Also, if you are driving to your destination, renting a car instead of using your own vehicle is often cheaper than the extra wear and tear on your own car. Take advantage of coupons to upgrade to a larger, and more comfortable, vehicle.2.Eat breakfast where kids eat free and split meals. This can mean an enormous saving for a family of four or larger. Children are many times too excited or tired to eat much at a time. Restaurants that are kid friendly are more than happy to accommodate special requests for extra plates.3.Eat lunch in your room. You will be surprised how good a peanut butter sandwich, chips, and fresh fruit tastes away from home, and everyone gets a needed break from the heat and crowds of tourist destinations.4.Take advantage of coupons. Whether it is for lodging, food, or attractions – coupons SAVE money! Find them everywhere… online, in local newspapers, at convenience stores, motels, etc. Always read the fine print carefully for terms of the coupon.5.Bring your own stroller. This can save $7 to $10 a day at some of the attractions.6.Bring along individual refillable water bottles. These can be refilled at the hotel and at attraction water fountains. A family of four could easily spend $20 or more a day buying water.7.Take advantage of multiple day passes at the attractions. This is especially a good deal when they can be used anytime.8.Make your own reservations. Many hotels and airlines offer additional discounts and specials for booking online.9.Give each child a set amount to spend. You can tame the “gimmes”, and your pocketbook at the same time, by giving children a preset spending limit for souvenirs. Also, invest in an autograph book (about $6 at most attractions) and watch the fun as the children collect the “autographs” of their favorite characters. My girls still cherish their “Barbie” autograph obtained at Epcot several years ago.10.Spend the day away from the attractions. You are paying for that hotel swimming pool… use it! Spend the day at the beach or a nearby museum. The shopping areas near the major attractions (like Downtown Disney) have children’s play areas, providing an inexpensive day of fun for the little ones.